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Project summary

We developed a website, data management, and subscription platform for Tidetech that aids in international shipping navigation and weather tracking.




Strategy, UX, Design, Development, Branding

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The Brief

Tidetech is a Tasmanian tech startup, providing global ocean and weather data to a diverse group of clients – from individual sailors to competitive racers and international shipping companies.

Their products are innovative and world-leading but their previous website and data delivery web application didn’t do them justice. They came to Takeflight looking for a cohesive digital brand, a new website and a re-imagined data delivery platform and user interface.

Screenshot of Tidetech homepage

All hands on deck

It was important for us to create a website that was tailored to the specific needs of Tidetech and Tidetech customers. Because of the unique nature of the product, the website had to be unique too. We worked closely with the Tidetech team to achieve this. It was important to the project that we had an agile and flexible client relationship which allowed both parties to collaborate.

The end result is a website that is highly tailored to the needs of the client.

Data visualisation of Tidetechs wave data

The elegant presentation of data was part of our digital branding strategy

Going with
the flow

It was a requirement of the new site to be easily manageable. Tidetech wanted to have the flexibility to respond to customer needs by creating bespoke subscriptions, updating marketing content, and configuring the user dashboard.

Here at Takeflight we use Wagtail which is a content management system that allows the client to easily manage their own content. Because of this flexibility, we were able to integrate tools already used by Tidetech such as Braintree and Geo-Server in a way that perfectly met their business requirements.

Navigating uncharted territories

One of the requirements of the project was to create an interactive tool that would effectively and beautifully present information. We created a data slicer tool that could be used to isolate specific information as per the requirements of the user.

Our team had a lot of fun building and designing this aspect of the site. This sophisticated and unique tool provides the user with something that is beautiful, functional, flexible and elegant to use.

Screenshot of interactive data download tool
Screenshot of Tidetech home page on mobile
Screenshot of Tidetech apps page on mobile
Screenshot of Tidetech content page on mobile

Smooth sailing

We created a new platform which is easy to manage and provides an enjoyable, intuitive user experience. The website is designed to work on all devices and is used worldwide by commercial shipping companies and recreational and competitive sailors alike.

Tidetech has been used by yacht racers in the 34th America’s cup, the Volvo Ocean Race, and the Olympics.

Screenshot of Tidetech homepage
Screenshot of Tidetech dashboard page on an iPad
Screenshot of Tidetech content page on mobile