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University of Tasmania 125 years

Project summary

Drawing on the University of Tasmania’s rich history and deep archives, we delivered an engaging interactive timeline experience as the centerpiece for their 125th anniversary.


University of Tasmania


Concept development, Strategy, UX, Design, Development, Content Production, Content Direction

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The Brief

In 2015 the University of Tasmania celebrated its 125th anniversary. Takeflight was asked to create an engaging online experience celebrating the university’s rich history.

We were given full creative control over this project which meant that our team was able to create a comprehensive concept from design to implementation.

Screenshot of UTAS 125 home page

Once upon a time

An important part of this project was storytelling. We wanted to celebrate the stories of the University: its students, staff, alumni, and individual and collective achievements.

We also wanted to show how the university has changed with time. To do this we displayed the stories within a timeline which was organised into decades. Each decade could be explored in more detail, with an overview of important world developments and events to give context. This allowed the reader to gain a greater understanding of and engage more deeply with each story.

Screenshot of UTAS 125 home page on an iPad
Screenshot of UTAS 125 home page on an iPhone

Choose your own adventure

We wanted the user to be able to explore and discover each story freely and be driven by their own curiosity. This strategy allowed the visitor to be surprised and excited by the content they discovered.

We created powerful search tools and a hierarchy of navigation that allowed for spontaneous discovery and exploration. This flexible design enabled the user to explore individual stories in depth or see the stories within a wider context.

To power this highly designed user experience, we enabled editor curation and created an algorithm that pushed the most engaging content further up the hierarchy. The algorithm took into account the most liked stories, the decade they were from and the content of the story.


This site was built using Wagtail a content management system that allows customers to easily manage their own content. This flexibility allowed UTAS to incorporate new articles, videos, events, statistics, galleries and images - each with their own unique design to best suit the content.

Our utilisation of modern frontend web technologies allowed us to create a nimble, layered interface with which to navigate the rich content.

Screenshot of UTAS 125 contribute story page

The end

The website was created as a living archive. A place that not only told stories of the past but also provided a space to preserve stories of the present. Creating a platform to share the ongoing legacies and stories of UTAS as it forges into the future.

We were involved with every step of this process, from design to implementation. We created a product that is elegant, dynamic, and exciting.

Screenshot of UTAS 125 article page
Screenshot of UTAS 125 article page on an iPad
Screenshot of UTAS 125 article page on an iPhone