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The Tasmanian Government

Project summary

By integrating with Google Maps and location services we created an app and website that enables locals and tourists to find free Wi-Fi throughout Tasmania.


The Tasmanian Government


Concept development, Strategy, UX, Design, Development, Content Direction, 3rd Party Service Integration

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The Brief

The Tasmanian Government embarked on an ambitious project to provide free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the state. They asked us to make a mobile application and website to accompany the project.

The Wi-Fi hotspots are located at popular tourist locations so that visitors to the state can stay connected, plan their trip and share their travels.

The application we created had to adhere to the Government style guide, be easy to use and fully translatable to cater to a diverse audience.

Screenshot of Free Wi-Fi home page on an iPhone
Screenshot of Free Wi-Fi location page on an iPhone
Screenshot of Free Wi-Fi fullscreen map page on an iPhone


Hide and seek

The application we created uses built-in location technology to pinpoint the user and reveal nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. The user can also search for Wi-Fi via a map which is organised into regions. The application includes third-party free Wi-Fi locations and integrates with Google Maps to give turn by turn directions.

Flexible features

We thought a lot about the audience for this product. With that in mind we created the application to be fully translatable into Mandarin with the possibility of incorporating other languages in the future. Catering to an international audience.

Our software development is flexible and clever enough to make this a straightforward process. The application is built with Wagtail which means that the content can be managed by the client.

When new content is developed and new Wi-Fi locations are introduced, the client can easily keep the information in the app up-to-date without technical knowledge or delays.

Off the grid

An important feature of both the website and mobile application was their offline availability. Once the website or application has been loaded, it can be accessed again and again without an internet connection. (Because the idea of finding free Wi-Fi via the internet is a bit redundant right?)

Logging off

We created an easy to use, cross platform, multilingual application that caters to a wide audience and is easily managed.