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Project summary

To help users understand a complex product we created a marketing website that uses animated storytelling techniques.




Concept development, Strategy, UX, Design, Development, Content Direction, 3rd Party Service Integration

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The Brief

Xref is an automated and artificially intelligent employee reference checking system. It is used by some of the largest companies in the world to find and hire the best candidates for the job.

As a premium product in its field attracting increasing attention, Xref came to us to overhaul their web presence. They asked us to create a suite of sites with the purpose of attracting more customers to their application.

Their websites needed to be flexible and easily manageable, localisable, engaging, and cater to the needs of investors and customers alike.

Screenshot of Xref home page

The sell

We were employed to develop a product marketing website for Xref. The focus was on clearly explaining Xref: what it is, how it works and why it is a good choice for prospective customers.

We chose to convey this through a story-based animated home page that leads the visitor through using the product. The story is told from the point of view of the user which makes the information instantly more engaging and relatable.

This story-based method neatly delivers information and keeps the viewer engaged to the end.

Screenshot of the interactive storyline built into the Xref homepage that explains how to use the product.


This website was created to enable the client the ability to manage their own content.

Using our content management system of choice, Wagtail, we created multiple websites with with region-specific content that can be managed by Xref easily and in response to changing business requirements. Xref are also able to change text within the animation according to their needs.

Screenshot of an Xref case study page

We want you

A key focus of this project was to present a strong call to action. To this end, calls to action were incorporated as a key feature of the home page. We took care to ensure that calls to action were placed strategically throughout the website to maximise conversions.

We worked closely with the Xref marketing team to create a site that would actively contribute to increased sales.


The Xref website is a highly developed marketing machine that educates users while driving sales. Job done.

Screenshot of an Xref home page
Screenshot of Xref home page on an iPad
Screenshot of Xref home page on an iPhone